The Valley Of Desolation

Dominica, West Indies - April 08 - 12, 2007

The appropriately named Valley Of Desolation is a volcanic area of steam vents, fumaroles, hot springs and boiling mud pots that lies along the trail heading to the boiling lake. The area is extremely active and beautiful with its lunar landscape.

The landscape at the Valley of Desolation is an extreme contrast to the surrounding lush vegetation.
Desolation_01 Desolation_02
The area is extremely sulfurous with bubbling mud and steam vents everywhere you look.
Desolation_03 Desolation_04

Supposedly, the volcanic mud is good for your complexion, so I thought I'd try it out. It makes a great exfoliant, but the arduous hike to get up there probably ages you more than the youthful benefits of the mud. The alien landscape makes it all worth it.
Desolation_05 Desolation_06