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Feb 10 2020 - Upcoming Travel to Zanzibar, Seychelles & Japan
I'm just finishing up packing for my latest series of adventures that'll take me all over the world to Africa, the Indian Ocean then the Far East.
I depart tomorrow for Zanzibar Island, Tanzania. After a few days there, I'll be hopping on board a ship and will be headed to the Seychelles, north of Madagascar. I've been invited on board by Zegrahm Expeditions as a special guest. I'll also be shooting a bunch of photos and video for them, so watch out for more on that.
It'll be nice to spend some time in that tropical paradise. This will be my first time in that country and I'm really looking forward to it.
As soon as I'm done in the Seychelles, I'll be heading directly to Japan. I can't say too much about what I'll be doing there, but I'll be involved in a TV project that will include some extremes of nature!
I can't wait for that leg of the trip as well. I haven't been to Japan before, so this next month will be filled with plenty of new places and experiences. I'll be updating social media as much as I can, so be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to see the day to day pics from this trip.



Feb 08 2020 - Guinness Book Of World Records
Guinness Book of World Records 2020 - The 2020 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledges my Darvaza, Turkmenistan expedition and the record I set for being the first to ever set foot at the bottom.
The goal of the expedition, which I led for National Geographic was to gather soil samples from the bottom of the world's longest-burning methane crater.

Learn more about the
flaming gas crater expedition.


Feb 04 2020 - CanGeo Talks - Ottawa, Ontario
The morning after flying home from Denver, I drove out to Ottawa to take part as a panelist and moderator for an onstage event at the Alex Trebek Theatre at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society headquarters.
Canadian Geographic Magazine declared their top 90 Canadian explorers of all time, which included 45 living and 45 deceased... From the early pioneers and indigenous explorers, all the way up to modern times.
The event was a debate/discussion with fellow Explorers-In-Residence Adam Shoalts and Johnny Issaluk.
Because there are so many different explorers from different eras, that span a wide range of fields, we found it impossible to name just one who was "Canada's Greatest" but a few of the names that ended up towards the top of the list after the discussion were Bill Lishman, Joe MacInnis, and Samuel Champlain.
It was a fun evening, and it is an honour to be considered amongst Canada's top 45 living explorers.



Jan 31 - Feb 02 2020 - ChaserCon - Denver, Colorado
This weekend I flew down to Denver for ChaserCon 2020, the National Storm Chaser Convention. This was the 22nd year of the convention, and the very last ChaserCon. Organizers Roger and Caryn Hill have decided to make this the final one.
The weekend was filled with great talks, vendors, and retrospectives of the past several decades of storm chasing. Lots of my friends were there, and I got to make many new ones as well.
In the parking lot were the TIV 2 (Tornado Intercept Vehicle, as well as one of the DOW trucks (Doppler On Wheels).
I wasn't just attending the convention, I was one of the presenters. As a matter of fact, I had the honour of giving the very last talk of the final ChaserCon. My topic was all about expanding storm chasing from the Great Plains and going international.
I can't possibly list all the great friends and colleagues who were in attendance, and many of the legends of storm chasing were there.
I will be back out in Tornado Alley again this spring. Like last year, I'll be teaming up with Tom Dolan and his Tornado Verification And Doppler Radar Analysis Project.



Jan 24 2020 - Insider
Insider web magazine recently did a feature about the Darvaza crater in Turkmenistan, and I was inteviewed about my experiences there.
"Astonishing photos show the Gates of Hell, a fiery gas crater that's been burning for decades in the Turkmenistan desert"
Read the article here.


Jan 16 2020 - What On Earth? - Science Channel
Brand new episodes of the show "What On Earth? are now airing on The Science Channel on Thursday evenings.
This is season 6 of the show, and I appear as a commentator in numerous episodes this season, talking about interesting things that have been spotted by orbiting satellittes.
Tune in, or learn more here.

What On Earth

Jan 15 2020 - Raw Talk Podcast
I was invited to be guest on the Raw Talk Podcast. This latest episode is all about the health impacts of climate change.

Raw Talk is a graduate student-run podcast about the journeys, experiences, and perspectives of some of the most accomplished medical researchers and professionals at the University of Toronto.

Raw Talk Podcast

Jan 01 2020 - Happy New Year
As we embark on a brand new year (and decade I suppose), I wish you all health, prosperity, adventure and discovery. I have some big plans for 2020 that will, of course, include plenty of travel around the world. Look for upadtes here and on all my social media platforms.
At the bottom of this page are links to previous year's posts. Enjoy!

Happy New Year

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