Crop Circles

Hensall, Ontario - Aug. 3, 2003

The threat for severe weather today was not that high but I wanted to get out and do some testing of my new mobile data equipment and it seemed like a good day to get out and do some tests. There was a severe thunderstorm watch issued for part of Southern Ontario and I figured that I might be able to get some footage of some flooding or maybe some lightning. Well I never expected this!

I ended up near Stratford, Ont. and the storms were disappointing. Lots of rain but not much else. I was about to turn around and head home when I remembered hearing on the news earlier in the day that the town of Hensall had some mysterious crop circles appear recently. I was close to the town and decided to check it out....

Hensall Water Tower

Eastern Most Circle

Eastern Most Circle

The small town of Hensall.

The circles mysteriously appeared a few days ago.

Here you can get an idea of the size of the circles.

Western Most Circle



There were 2 main circles with various lines connecting them.

The property owners set up a ladder up against some farm equipment so that people could get a better view.

Each circle also had an outside ring.


Bent Stalks

Exeter Radar

Each was perfectly round with a swirl pattern.

Each stalk was bent over at the base.

Hensall is located near Environment Canada's Exeter radar.

Of course I suspect that this was the work of a group of bored, local teenagers but there were many people there that were convinced that this was the work of aliens. They were discussing technical details about the "Spacecraft" and how it landed. Hundreds have come to see these circles. Some from as far away as Ottawa, Michigan and Ohio.