Sailing Around Cape Horn

The Extreme Southern Tip of South America

Before the construction of the Panama Canal, the only way for ships to cross between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans was to brave the southern ocean. Cape Horn is the most extreme southern tip of Chile and the seas there as as rough today as they were hundreds of years ago. Sailing around the 'Horn is considered by some to be the Mount Everest of sailing. We not only rounded the 'Horn but were able to make a landing on the island.

The waters around Cape Horn are known for being rough and dangerous..Not to mention my weakness for seasickness.
Cape_Horn_01 Cape_Horn_04

Horn Island and the Albatross statue which is a monument to the countless sailors who have lost their lives sailing in the area.
Cape_Horn_03 Cape_Horn_02

Greg at the helm and one of many visitors we had.
Cape_Horn_05 Cape_Horn_06

The journey was made aboard the sailboat Northanger which is a 54 foot, steel hulled expedition sailboat that has been to Antarctica many times.
Cape_Horn_07 Cape_Horn_08

It is so consistently windy that many of the trees grow at an angle from the never ending force of the wind. Also, a view of Puerto Williams, Chile.
Cape_Horn_09 Cape_Horn_10
There are an estimated 800 shipwrecks near Cape Horn. The one above was carrying a shipment of bibles when it ran aground.
Cape_Horn_11 Cape_Horn_12