Thunder Runner-Muskoka

Chase Log 2005 - Stories & Pics from Tornado Alley.

Toronto Funnel Clouds

Video clip of funnel clouds intercepted north of Toronto - June 14 2004 - 3.4MB

Chaser BB-Q 1

Chaser BB-Q 1

At the Storm Chaser annual BB-Q in Piedmont, Oklahoma. From Left to Right: (Right Photo) Jim Leonard, Dan Wexler, George Kourounis & Ron Gravelle

These weather related pages are produced to enlighten and educate individuals about the forces of nature and the weather around us.

My name is Dan Wexler and I am a severe weather chaser, spotter and reporter. I periodically do presentations in schools and for groups who are interested in knowing the workings and safety of severe weather, being thunderstorms, lightning events, tornadic episodes, snow storms and other strange weather phenomena. I have an equipped four wheel drive vehicle to make sure I am able to enter and exit areas that are not accessible by normal means which enables me to also be at a disaster site quicker and radio out to the appropriate authorities.

I am certified and registered as a severe weather spotter by Environment Canada's CANWARN (Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network) and the Severe Weather Watcher programs. I am also certified and registered by the United States' National Weather Service SKYWARN network. I am active with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).

I DO NOT chase severe weather for either government agency but I use them to report my observations and findings when I am out in the field. My experience comes from various areas, which include aviation meteorology training, extensive research, asking questions and personal field experience. Chasing severe weather is very dangerous, hence the millions of dollars in damage and personal injury that occurs every time a tornadic event or hurricane strike, not to mention the other weather disasters. This is why I am not endorsing Storm Chasing as a hobby. Unless you have the appropriate knowledge and have been out spotting/chasing with an experienced person, don’t even think about it. The web site is designed to show my passion for weather, in all its forms and I hope you enjoy it!

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