Anaconda Wrangling

Los Llanos, Venezuela - Oct. 2009

Grabbing a big handful of the largest snake species on Earth.

  • Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world and even though Reticulated Pythons do grow to longer lengths, the Anacondas have a wider girth and are stronger animals. It would be like comparing a giraffe to an elephant, sure the giraffe is a taller animal, but the elephant is the bigger creature.
  • This large female was over 5 meters long (about 18 feet) and it took 5 of us to carry her out of the jungle into an open area. I had the task of being the first one to dive in and grab it by the head. It was so large and strong that I had to use both hands just to get a grip on it. These constrictors has a mouth full of rear facing sharp teeth that they use to grab and secure their prey, then they coil around it and constrict it to death. The meal is then swallowed whole and although this snake probably couldn't eat a human, it is more than powerful enough to kill
  • Anaconda_01


    On patrol, looking for anacondas. They are excellent swimmers and are almost always found near or in the water.

    A large female. Anaconda females are much larger than the males. This one was over 5 meters long and was in the middle of shedding her skin.



    Gotcha! This was on BIG snake. Notice the look of intense concentration on my face.

    Getting a closeup for the TV camera.



    We've bothered this anaconda long enough, it's time to let her go.

    Back into the jungle she goes.