Behind the Scenes at Jungle Cat World

Orono, Ontario, Canada - Feb 14, 2010

Making some new friends at Jungle Cat World

  • What a great way to spend a Sunday. My friend, Peter Klose is the program director for Jungle Cat World in Orono, Ontario and a small group of us were invited over to get a behind the scenes look at the zoo where they have just about every species of big cat you can imagine. They are also quite involved in breeding programs for these animals, many of which are endangered in the wild. The big star of the day was the 3 month old tiger cub. She might be small, but her teeth and claws were plenty sharp!
  • There were plenty of other wild animals to experience as well and we even got to feed the adult lions, leopards, jaguars and tigers.
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    Peter Klose bringing out the baby Siberian (Amur) tiger. Peter is the program director at Jungle Cat World, and he's spend most of his life around these big cats.

    3 month old tiger cub. This little rascal wanted nothing more than to squirm around and scratch me up. She was very playful, but when she gets a little bigger... Watch out.



    A ring tailed Lemur from Madagascar. These guys love to perch up onto the shoulder of the tallest person within reach.

    He even started getting aggressive when he spotted his own reflection in my camera lens. He felt that he had to defend his territory.



    A Eurasian Lynx. These cats are larger than the lynx species we have here in North America.

    Getting wrapped up by a fully grown, adult blood python.



    Just another way to spend a Sunday morning... With a giant Emperor Scorpion on my face!

    Time to feed the big cats outside. It looks like chicken is on the menu today.



    No hand petting of this big boy. When standing up on his hind legs, this adult male lion was about 8 feet tall, and very hungry. The low pitched growls and other vocalizations were amazing to hear. Truly the king of the animal world.

    Here I am slipping a chicken through the feeding hole. I was reminded to keep my hands clear of the hole.