Dudhsagar Falls - Goa, India

June 28, 2008
  • Dudhsagar Falls is the second highest waterfall in India and proved to be a real challenge to get to. The road which would normally take you there by Jeep was washed out by heavy monsoon rainfall and a raging river was now flowing over it. Alternately, we hired several motorbike riders to take us up to the falls. The ride up was on a very narrow path along the loose gravel of the railway tracks, over several makeshift log spans. We even had a collision between two of the three bikes. After about half an hour we had made it as far as we could and had to hike the rest of the way along the tracks in the rain. Several hours of walking later (and scrambling to get out of the way of oncoming trains in tunnels) we made it to the falls which were spectacular.
  • The trip back was just as harrowing, I ended up with several leeches on my foot and we didn't get back to the bikes until sunset which meant that we had to negotiate the same narrow, winding trail in the dark. Sometimes the journey is just as amazing as the destination.
  • Leeches at Dudhsagar Falls - Goa, India



    The second highest waterfall in India at over 600 meters. For reference, the bridge in the photo is a huge train bridge.

    On the train bridge at the waterfall.



    A closer look at the rail span.

    The crashing water under the bridge. The flow was high due to the recent heavy rains.



    On the way back from the falls... Not one but TWO leeches on my foot!
    I hate leeches.

    Luckily, our guides knew that we were going to be in a high risk area for leeches and brought some salt along. The stuff works wonders.