Wedding on top of Yasur Volcano - Michelle & George

Tanna Island, Vanuatu - Dec. 17, 2006

I'm sure this was one of the most unique and spectacular places in the world for a wedding ceremony, on top of an erupting volcano on a remote island in the South Pacific. The forces of nature were co-operating with us, the weather was perfect and the volcano was very active (But not TOO active!!).

The wedding began with a ceremonial blowing of the conch shell to announce the arrival of the couple. It must've been an odd sight to see the two of us hiking up the side of the volcano wearing a tuxedo & a wedding dress, not your typical adventure-wear. The volcano was erupting every few minutes with large explosions that would send hot rocks and ash high into the air, often at appropriate times during the wedding. The entire wedding party was dressed in traditional grass skirts & feathers, customary to the islands. The wedding concluded right at sunset with the popping open of a celebratory bottle of champagne and as the bubbles exploded out, so did Yasur with a surge of ash and rock.

Michelle and I are very pleased with how everything turned out and would like to dearly thank everyone who helped make this complicated event a true success.

The wedding ceremony was filmed and was seen on one of the episodes of my television show "Angry Planet" as well as "Wild Weddings" on TLC

Yasur Volcano Wedding You Tube

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