Yasur Volcano

Tanna Island, Vanuatu - Dec. 2006

Yasur is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It's been erupting every few minutes for at least 800 years. The eruptions typically start with an impressive shock wave that travels up the side of the crater, disturbing the smoke & dust. When you see this, you know that about a half second later, the show is about to begin. The next thing is a huge explosion of molten chunks of rock. These lava bombs are shot out at high speed and travel several hundreds of meters through the air. During the day, they are dark and tough to see but at night, they are brilliant orange. They can be as large as a washing machine and are often hurled well outside of the crater and past the pathway that circles the crater rim. The last phase of the eruption sends a huge, billowing cloud of volcanic ash high into the air like an atomic bomb. The wind typically carries it away and dissipates the ash cloud.

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Yasur Volcano Descent You Tube

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Descending Into Yasur Crater