The Boiling Lake

Dominica, West Indies - April 08 - 12, 2007

The Lake - Dominica's Boiling Lake is amazing natural phenomenon. The current belief is that it is a flooded volcanic fumarole that vents extremely hot volcanic gasses into the lake which causes the water to violently boil. It is tucked away amongst the greenest mountains and is a strenuous hike just to get to it but the trip is totally worth it. The lake is over 300 feet across and boils away like a kettle. The steam coming off the water drifts around in the variable winds and often obscures the view of the lake's surface, but when the winds shift, the amazing lake reveals itself. The area is a designated UNESCO world heritage site.


The Mission - This trip to Dominica was to examine the possibility of being the first person to ever traverse out to the middle of the Boiling Lake by rope. The plan is to return in July and rig several ropes across the entire span of the lake, then I will go out to the center, suspended high above the churning water and take water temperature measurements, gather samples and take depth measurements from the middle of the active lake. Tremendous logistical planning is in the works to get the necessary equipment and help up to this remote site.

The first glimpse of the Boiling Lake is a plume of steam in a sea of green, up close it is a churning cauldron of grayish boilng water.
Boiling_Lake_02 Boiling_Lake_03

The view from the far side of the lake looking back. This area is very difficult to access due to steep slopes and thick jungle.
Boiling_Lake_04 Boiling_Lake_05