Mother's Day Mayhem - Tornado Chasers vs. Farm Equipment

McCool Junction, Nebraska - May 11, 2014
What a wild Mother's Day. There was a moderate risk for severe weather and we targeted southeastern Nebraska. one dominant supercell storm formed, but it was a high-precipitation supercell, with lots of rain, and poor visibility. We did manage to witness a couple of brief tornadoes as the storm approached, but as we were retreating, another tornado formed right beside us in a farmer's field. The tornado approached the road and knocked over a piece of irrigation equipment, right onto our windshield!

We were all OK, and the vehicle didn't even sustain that much damage. Just a broken windshield, and a broken side mirror. There was almost no other damage at all. we got very lucky because of our positioning.
The tornado went on the strengthen and become a 1.5 mile wide monster EF-3

Tornado Encounter, McCool Junction, Nebraska
The dramatic video was seen all over the world on countless news outlets.