Tornadoes - May 31, 2010

Campo, Colorado

A slow moving storm in a marginal atmosphere really pulls off some surprises!

TORNADOES !! - What a day! I'll keep it short for now because I need sleep but here are the details:
Saw 3 tornadoes in southeastern Colorado/Oklahoma Panhandle. One was long lived and very photogenic. It was on the ground for at least 20 minutes.
We had the surreal experience of driving down a dirt road, watching the tornado slowly heading our way when we come across a herd of cattle, which turned into a STAMPEDE of cattle. They were running along beside our van as we drove south. I rolled down my window and could almost pet them. I've never had my celebratory steak dinner come to me before!
We intercepted the hail twice. The first time, there was a lot of it, but it was not huge, up to ping pong ball size. Later in the day, we encountered golf balls with a few stray baseballs. At one point, we were getting back into the van and a stray baseball whizzed by my ear. The whizzing sound was very loud and scary. Time to go!!
This storm lasted at least 9 hours and the forecast for today was not even very promising. There was only a slight risk with a 2% tornado probability and the SPC was only calling for a "chance of marginal supercells"

Compo Colorado Tornado You Tube




The storm was very electric.

Looking west towards the tornado