Tornado - May 10, 2010

Wakita, Oklahoma

Swift storms and Tornadoes sweep across Oklahoma

May 10 - Wakita, Oklahoma
Tornado Outbreak - An epic day certainly unfolded today with numerous, fast moving supercell storms that produced many damaging tornadoes, mainly across Oklahoma.
The storm we targeted matured near the town of Cherokee where we saw baseball and softball sized hailstones littering the ground. Many home & car windows in town were smashed out, but luckily we didn't get into any of it as it was coming down. Near the town of Wakita (which was the town featured in the movie "Twister") we caught up with the main updraft of the storm which was dramatically rotating. We saw it produce at least 2 brief multi-vortex tornadoes from very close range.
We passed through the damage path a couple of times but because these storms were moving so fast, we had a hard time keeping up and when we finally caught up with it again on Interstate 35, it had produced another tornado that caused damage and flipped several trucks on the highway.
We continued on and attempted to intercept a few more storms, but they were either racing off too fast or were weakening.
One storm to our south was a prolific tornado producer and cause a great deal of damage in our home base city of Norman, then went on to cause more damage in areas along interstate 40, all the way into Arkansas.
Unfortunately, there have also been fatalities, at least 5 as of this writing. I'll update this blog with more information later. I'm going to rest now after this exhausting day.