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Welcome to the online home of George Kourounis. I'm a global explorer, adventurer and storm chaser. Here you will find many unique images of my incredible journeys from all over the world.

I've spent years photographing some of Mother Nature's most elusive and dangerous phenomena. I've chased tornadoes, giant hail, dust storms, hurricanes, avalanches, volcanoes and lightning among other things. This site contains a variety of photographs and video images of these encounters with wild weather and other forces of nature.

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National Geographic Channel - "Die Trying" Crater Of Fire 01

Visit the "Die Trying - Crater of Fire" Site

Die Trying - Crater of Fire on National Geographic Channel
The new National Geographic show featuring the expedition that I led for them into the Darvaza flaming gas crater in Turkmenistan has been airing worldwide.
Here are two YouTube videos, featuring clips from the program:
At The Gates Of Hell
Flying Over Fire
The Darvaza crater is an old natural gas drilling site that collapsed, causing a pit, leaking methane gas. It was lit on fire and has been burning for several decades. No one has ever attempted to go inside before. My mission was to gather samples from the crater floor, then have them analyzed, looking for extremophile bacteria that might be thriving in the hot, methane rich environment.
The Canadian premiere will be on Nat Geo Wild, Nov. 14th at 10:00 PM

Get all the latest up to date news on the Blog Page

Visit the Angry Planet Website

Angry Planet is currently airing worldwide. Check your local listings.
The "Angry Planet" TV series chronicled my travels as I circled the globe, getting up close with the most violent and spectacular forces on Earth from tornadoes to hurricanes to volcanoes and more. We filmed 39 episodes in over 30 countries on all 7 continents!! The show has been broadcast in over 100 countries on Pivot TV, OLN, The Travel Channel, Halogen TV and The Weather Network.

NEW - Historic Flooding in South Carolina

South Carolina Oct. 2015

Some areas get more than 600mm of rain dumped on them, causing a "One in a Thousand Year" flood.

South Carolina Historic Flooding

South Carolina Historic Flooding

NEW - Tornado Chase 2015

Daily Updates

Follow along as myself and the rest of the Cloud 9 Tours team tracks down the worst weather Mother Nature has to offer.

Tornado Chase 2015

NEW - Sampson Flat Fire - Worst in 30 Years!

Adelaide Hills, Australia Jan. 02 2015

Embedded with the firefighters in the middle of the action as they tackle the worst bushfire that Australia has seen in decades.

Sampson Flat Bushfire - Australia

Sampson Flat Bushfire - Australia

Snow Emergency After 6+ FEET of Lake Effect Snow

Buffalo, New York - Nov 17-21 2014

The city of Buffalo is whalloped with unimaginable amounts of lake-effect snow, crippling parts of the city and causing travel chaos.



Scientific Expedition & New Cave Discovery - Oct. 2014

Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

Mapping a new cave system & exploring one of the most surreal landscapes on Earth.

Tsingy de Bemaraha Expedition - Madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha Expedition - Madagascar

Up Close to a Violent Lake of Lava - Aug 2014

Marum Volcano, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

Getting as close as humanly possible to a violently boiling lake of lava, 1200 feet down inside!!

Marum Volcano

Marum Volcano - YouTube

Lightning Strikes CN Tower - July 07 2014


Overnight storms lash Toronto's CN Tower with lightning bolts. Caught on camera.

CN Tower Lightning - July 07, 2014

Hurricane Arthur - July 05 2014

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Filming Hurricane Arthur for The Weather Network at Iconic Peggy's Cove.

Hurricane Arthur Lashes Nova Scotia

Hurricane Arthur Lashes Nova Scotia

Tornado Encounter In Nebraska, May 11 2014

Tornado forms beside us and pushes irrigation equipment into our windshield.

We're OK, but it was a wild encounter. Tornado chase 2014 is now complete. Below are links to the daily reports and the wild tornado video.

Daily Tornado chase reports 2014

Daily Tornado chase reports 2014

Tornado Encounter, McCool Junction, Nebraska

Antarctica - Jan. 2014

Voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula

Penguins, icebergs, whales, seals & glaciers at the bottom of the world.

Antarctica - Icebergs

Antarctica - Penguins

Antarctica - Icebergs & Glaciers

Historic Ice Storm

Toronto Area & Southern Ontario

The worst ice storm in Toronto history leaves hundreds of thousands without power at Christmas.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Arctic Journey - Aug. 2013

Greenland and the Candian Northwest Passage

Nearly a month on a russian ice-strengthened ship, documenting polar bears, icebergs, glaciers, and mamny other aspects of some of the most remote places in the world.

Arctic - Polar Bears

Arctic - icebergs

Arctic - Greenland

Arctic - Ice

Arctic - Illulisat

Arctic - Icebreaker

Stormy Summer in Ontario

Severe Thunderstorms & Flooding Sweep the Province

July has been a stormy month across Ontario with tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and record breaking flooding in Toronto

Toronto Flooding


The World's Largest Tornado

El Reno, Oklahoma. May 31, 2013

At 2.6 miles wide (4.2 km), this collosal tornado has entered the record books at the largest tornado on record. Unfortunately, it was also responsible for claiming the lives of several fellow storm chasers.

El Reno EF-5 Tornado

Video - El Reno EF-5 Tornado

The Tornadoes of 2013

Tornado Alley, USA

It has been a busy season, with many tornadoes, some of them very destructive. We have been on the scene for many of them.

May 15 Millsap, Texas Tornado YouTube

May 28 Bennington, Kansas Tornado YouTube

May 15 Eliasville, TexasTornado YouTube

May 19 ViolaKansas Tornado

May 28 Bennington, Kansas Tornado

May 15 Eliasville, TexasTornado

Day by day log of the 2013 tornado chase can be found here

Avalanches in British Columbia

Jan. 2013

Gas cannons, helicopter bombing, a rescue dog, an avalanche on LIVE TV, placing a camera in the path for a direct hit, and one very close call with an avalanche. Photos & Video

AMAZING VIDEO - Outrunning an Avalanche!!

British Columbia Avalanches 2013

Hurricane Sandy Ravages Long Island

Oct. 29 2012

A historic hybrid hurricane/winter storm does tremendous damage to the Mid-Atlantic coastline.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Amazing tornado crosses the road less than 100 yards away!!

Rago, Kansas May 19 2012

One of 6 tornadoes we spotted, this one was so close, we could hear it very loudly as it intensified right ahead of us!!

Rago Tornado on YouTube

Colorado Forest Fires

June, 2012

Wildfires burning out of control in many parts of the state.

2012_06_19_Fort Collins_02

2012_06_19_Fort Collins_01

Storm Chase 2012

May & June, 2012

Photos from my 54 day, 35,000 mile storm chase. Photographing the worst weather in "Tornado Alley"



The Great Canadian Winter Road Trip

Jan 26 - Feb 29 2012

Across Canada, to the Arctic, including avalanche control, northern lights and driving the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk while filming for The Weather Network.

Northern Lights

Ice Road

Lake Effect Snow Squalls

Downwind of Lake Huron, Ontario - Jan. 02/03 2012

A dome of cold, arctic air brings wind chills of -25C and heavy lake effect snow.



Europe 2011

Greece, England, Scotland & Wales

Onstage at TEDx Athens and a visit to the U.K.


Europe 2011

Hurricane Irene

Long Island, New York

A historic storm makes a rare strike on the Big Apple



Tornado Chase 2011

Tornado Alley, USA

My daily updates from all across Tornado Alley

Tornado Chase 2011 Blog

Tornado Chase 2011 Blog

Missouri River Flood

Hamburg, Iowa - June 15, 2011

Incredible flooding overwhelms towns in the Midwest.



Joplin Tornado Disaster

Joplin, Missouri - May 22, 2011

First on the scene after a devastating tornado rips through town

Tornado Disaster in Joplin, Missouri

Tornado Disaster in Joplin, Missouri

Greenland In Winter

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland - Feb, 2011

A incredible frigid journey to the Greenland ice cap & plenty of northern lights.



Shark Diving

Nassau, Bahamas Jan, 2011

Celebrating our wedding anniversary by diving with dozens of sharks, without a cage.

Shark Diving - Bahamas
Shark Diving - Bahamas

Hurricane Igor

Bermuda Sept 19, 2010

Weather craziness in Bermuda as Hurricane Igor strikes the island

Hurricane Igor - Bermuda

Hurricane Igor - Bermuda

Hurricane Earl

Nova Scotia Sept 04, 2010

Tracking hurricane Earl along the coast of Nova Scotia

Hurricane Earl - Nova Scotia

Hurricane Earl - Nova Scotia

Tornado Touches Down

Midland, Ontario

An F-2 tornado wreakes havoc at the Smith's Camp Trailer Park in Midland.

Midland Tornado

Midland Tornado

Tornado Chase 2010

Tornado Alley, USA

Chasing storms for 6 weeks across the central United States. Read the daily blog.

Tornado Chaea 2010 Blog

Tornado Chaea 2010 Blog

The Empty Quarter Desert (Rub' al Khali)

Southern United Arab Emirates - Jan 2010

A world of extremes - Off the beaten path on an off-road expedition in one of the largest sand deserts in the world.

Empty Quarter Desert

Empty Quarter Desert

Filming Aboard the Atlantis Submarine

Cayman Islands - Dec 15-20 2009

Going for a ride in a submarine in the sunny Cayman Islands.

Atlantis Submarine

Atlantis Submarine

Monstrous Lake Effect Snow Squalls & Snow Emergency

Lake Huron/Georgian Bay Region - Ontario, Dec. 2009

A wild snow storm followed by several days of intense lake effect snow completely paralyze parts of Ontario. The amount of snow that actually came down has been estimated at up to 4 to 6 feet!!



Inside the Deep Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

Defense Research & Development Canada - Nov. 2009

Going down to the equivalent of 45 meters (150 feet) depth inside a pressurized chamber used to train military deep sea divers.

Dive Chamber

Dive Chamber

Catatumbo Everlasting Lightning Storm

Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Oct. 2009

A bizarre weather phenomenon that produces lightning storms in one area on up to 160 nights of the year!

Catatumbo Lightning Storm

Catatumbo Lightning Storm

Getting Wild in Venezuela

Los Llanos, Venezuela Oct. 2009

Wrangling a 5 meter anaconda and swimming in a pond with thousands of piranhas!



Naica Crystal Cave - Incredibly Beautiful Yet Deadly

Chihuahua, Mexico Sept. 03-06, 2009

50 Celsius and over 90% Humidity in the most spectacular cave ever discovered.

Naica Crystal Cave

Naica Crystal Cave

DRDC Centrifuge - High G Tolerance Tests

Downsview, Toronto Aug. 27, 2009

Pulling 5 G's and trying to not pass out.

DRDC Centrifuge

DRDC Centrifuge

Hurricane Bill

Nova Scotia Coastline - Aug. 23, 2009

Dangerous waves pound the Atlantic coastline as the hurricane comes ashore.

Hurricane Bill - Nova Scotia

Hurricane Bill - Nova Scotia

The Weightlessness Experience

Aboard "G-Force One" - July 11, 2009

Floating in zero gravity to simulate space travel.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

Flight Aboard an L-39 Fighter Jet

Waterloo, Ontario - June. 21, 2009

High G force rolls, turns and upside-down flying. What a rush!



Highway To Hail

Chasing Huge Hail Storms - June. 01-16, 2009

`Punching the Core`of severe storms to document hail size.

Highway To Hail

Highway To Hail

Long Track Tornado

Goshen County, Wyoming - June. 05, 2009

This tornado was on the ground for 25 minutes!

Wyoming Tornado

Wyoming Tornado

Space Flight Training

NASTAR (National Aerospace Training & Research) Facility, Pennsylvania - April 16-17, 2009

Pulling double the G-forces in a giant centrifuge than what occurs during a Space Shuttle launch.



Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Island

Tonga - April 10-13, 2009

A tricky landing on the newest island on earth - A volcanic island that had recently erupted out of the sea.

Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Island

Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Island

Rotorua Hydrothermal Area

New Zealand - April 05-08, 2009

Geysers, hot springs and colonies of extremophile bacteria.



Polar Expedition Survival Training

Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic - March 10-20, 2009

Ski trekking on sea ice and dog sledding through the Canadian Arctic wilderness, in temperatures as low as -30C (-45 with wind chill).

Polar Expedition Survival Training

Polar Expedition Survival Training

Antarctica Expedition #2

Jan. 2009

A week and a half after returning to Argentina from my first Antarctic voyage, I headed back for another dose of adventure in a land of extremes and rugged beauty.

Antarctica 2


Antarctica Expedition

Jan. 2009

A sea kayaking & filming voyage to the frozen continent.

Sea Kayaking

Icebergs & Glaciers
Sea Kayaking Icebergs & Glaciers

Antarctic Wildlife

Deception Island
Antarctic Wildlife Deception  Island


Dec. 19, 2008 - Ontario

Heavy blowing snow, thunder & lightning and extreme wind chills cause Environment Canada to issue a stern statement to the public.



Costa Rica Adventure

Nov. 29 - Dec 10, 2008

Up into the restricted zone of Arenal volcano and hands on with a deadly Fer de Lance viper.

Arenal Volcano

Costa Rican Wildlife

Monster Snow Squalls

Arkona, Ontario - Nov. 21, 2008

Total chaos as 76cm of lake effect snow falls in 24 hours, closing roads and stranding motorists.



Into The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Ukraine - Nov. 02-04, 2008

A trip into the radioactive zone surrounding the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Aral Sea Ecological Catastrophe

Uzbekistan - Oct. 25-31 2008

Exploring the sea that has shrunk to only a fraction of its former size due to mismanagement.

Aral Sea Ecological Catastrophe

Aral Sea Ecological Catastrophe

Kitum Cave

Mount Elgon, Kenya - Oct. 19-21 2008

Underground elephants scrape the cave walls here but it's the deadly Marburg virus that I had to worry about after being bitten by a bat.

Kitum Cave - Kenya

Kitum Cave - Kenya

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Masai Mara, Kenya - Oct. 14-18 2008

On safari to see the wildlife of Africa, including one of the most spectacular migrations in the world.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

African Wildlife

The Hurricanes of 2008
A three week marathon of hurricane chasing that took me from Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, over to the Carolinas, up in a plane over Cuba, and then back to the Gulf in Texas.

Gustav - Houma, Louisiana

Hanna - Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina
Hurricane Gustav Tropical Storm Hanna

Ike - Flying INTO The Eye Of The Storm With The Hurricane Hunters

Ike - Final, Devastating Landfall In Galveston, Texas
Flying INTO Hurricane Ike Hurricane Ike - Galveston, Texas

Kawah Ijen Volcano & Acid Lake

Indonesia- July 14-15, 2008

While exploring the sulfur mine there, I took a boat out onto the lake of sulfuric acid.

Kawah Ijen Volcano & Acid Lake

Kawah Ijen Volcano & Acid Lake

Anak Krakatau Volcano

Indonesia- July 14-15, 2008

Big eruptions (some containing lightning) at one of the world's most notorious volcanoes

Anak Krakatau Volcano

Anak Krakatau Volcano

Komodo Dragons

Rinca Island, Indonesia- July 31, 2008

Getting up close (too close) to the largest lizards on Earth.

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons

Semeru Volcano

Indonesia- July 23, 2008

Summit climb to the highest peak on Java which is also a very active volcano.

Semeru Volcano

Semeru Volcano

Sidoarjo Mudflow Disaster

East Java - July 2008

A drilling operation gone wrong creates a mud volcano that destroys everything in its path.

Sidoarjo Mudflow Disaster

Sidoarjo Mudflow Disaster

India Monsoon

June/July 2008

Heavy rains and flooding all across India, including some of the rainiest places on Earth.

India Monsoon

India Monsoon

Tornado Chase 2008 - U.S. Great Plains

May 2008

Chasing tornadoes and severe storms in Tornado Alley. The images below link to the daily blog reports from the chase.

Tornado Chase 2008 Daily Blog

Tornado Chase 2008 Daily Blog

Mali Expedition - Sand Storms & an Overland Journey to Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert

April 13-28 2008

A journey through West Africa to the legendary city of Timbuktu.

Mali Expedition

Mali Expedition

Iceland Expedition

March 2008

Geysers, glaciers, ice climbing on an iceberg and a meeting with the president himself.

Iceland Expedition

Iceland Expedition

Extreme Cold

Yukon - Feb. 2008

Documenting one of the coldest places in North America, and how people handle it.

Extreme Cold

Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon

Stromboli Volcano

Italy - Jan. 15, 2008

Jets of hot lava and billowing ash clouds as seen from the summit of one of the world's most active volcanoes.



Kilauea Volcano New Activity Viewed by Helicopter

Hawaii - Dec. 2007

Surveying the recent changes in volcanic activity including new flows and lava ponds.



Spectacular Lightning

Northern Territory, Australian Outback - Dec. 07, 2007

Intense cloud to ground lightning bolts near the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.



Thunder Down Under

Storm Chasing In Australia - Dec. 2007

Chasing Southern Hemisphere thunderstorms in New South Wales.



Shark Feeding Frenzy - Oahu, Hawaii - Nov. 28, 2007

Dozens of very excited sharks, all interested in one thing...


Feeding Frenzy

Post-Tropical Hurricane Noel - Nova Scotia - Nov. 4, 2007

The remnants of hurricane Noel pound the Nova Scotia coastline with enormous waves.



Caving Expedition - Vancouver Island - Sept./Oct., 2007

Following subterranean waterways into deep cave systems...with a few hiccups along the way.

Caving Expedition, Vancouver Island

Caving Expedition, Vancouver Island

Hurricane Dean - Jamaica - Aug. 19, 2007

Category 4 hurricane Dean scrapes the Jamaica coastline.



Florida Wild Water Adventure - Aug. 2007

Waterspouts in the Keys and Alligators in the Everglades.



World's First Traverse of the Boiling Lake - Dominica, West Indies - July 6, 2007

Suspended by rope over the violently boiling sulfurous lake.



Tornado - Near Hill City, Kansas - May 22, 2007

A gorgeous supercell storm and tornado - On my birthday nonetheless !!


Read The 2007 Tornado Chase Daily Blog Entries

Brilliant Lightning - Big Springs, Texas - May 7, 2007

Incredible cloud to ground lightning lighting up the night sky.



Patagonia Expedition & Sailing Around Cape Horn - Argentina & Chile - March 19 - April 4 2007

Climbing on the fascinating blue Holanda glacier & sailing the Southern Ocean around Cape Horn - Many more updates to come when I have the time. Patagonia is such an amazing place.

The Hollanda Glacier - Chile

Sailing Around Cape Horn

Avalanche Control Along The Trans-Canada Hwy, B.C. - Feb 20, 2007

Firing artillery into the mountains and dropping explosives from a helicopter.

Avalanche - Rogers Pass Howitzer

Avalanche - Helicopter Bombing

Winter Ascent of Mount Washington - NH - Jan 22-24, 2007

Known as the place with the "Worst weather in the world" I figured I should climb it...In the middle of winter of course.



Extreme Ice Experiment - Ottawa, ON - Jan 26, 2007

Frozen Solid: Inside a wind tunnel with -18 temperatures, water spray and hurricane force winds. Yes that's me underneath all that ice.

Frozen Tunnel

Frozen Tunnel

Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island, Vanuatu - Dec 2006

Explosively active with huge lava bombs and clouds of ash... And I got married there !!

Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island - Vanuatu

Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island - Vanuatu

Volcanic Wedding

Angry Planet Video Clip - Into the Volcano!

Watch as I descend into an exploding volcano in Vanuatu to gather glowing hot lava bombs that are being hurled hundreds of meters through the air.

This is the same volcano that I got married on two days later. The wedding was featured on an episode of Angry Planet.

Yasur Volcano Descent You Tube

Kilauea Volcano Lava Flows - Big Island, Hawaii - Dec 2006

Lava pours into the Pacific from a new lava flow

Kilauea Volcano - Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano - Hawaii

Great White Shark Diving - Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico - Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 2006

In the water with the most feared creatures in the sea. Cage diving with numerous sharks in the area, some up to 16 feet long.

Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks

Incredible Firestorm !! - Thunder Bay Sept. 13-17

Spectacular air to air photos of an ignition helicopter using a drip torch to start a prescribed burn 150 km north of Thunder Bay. This has been the busiest September for forest fires in over 20 years in the region. Click below for more pictures.

Thunder Bay Fires

Thunder Bay Fires

Carved by thousands of years of floodwater and sand, the Antelope slot canyon in Arizona is a hidden beauty. When the light is just right, rays of sunlight peek in through the narrow gaps at the top.

Nyiragongo Volcano

D.R. Congo (Zaire) - Africa - July 17th - July 30th 2006



Watch A Video Clip Of The Lava Lake HERE.

Walking With Rare Mountain Gorillas

Parc De Les Volcans, Rwanda - Africa



Forest Fires

Yukon/Alaska/Northern B.C. - June 26th - July 10th 2006

The Hurricanes of 2005

Dennis - Pensacola, Florida

Katrina - Gulfport, Mississippi

Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Katrina

Rita - Port Arthur, Texas

Wilma - Marco Island, Florida

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Wilma
I was in position to film all of the land falling U.S. hurricanes during this historical, record breaking storm season. Each section has pictures and video clips of the storms.

Tornado Chase: May/June 2005

Tornado Chase 2005

Tornado Chase 2005

A large tornado crosses the road right in front of us - South Plains, Texas - May 12

A video clip is online here.

Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia - Jan 2005

Erta Ale Volcano

Descent Into The Crater

The Ethiopian volcano trip was a success. I was able to descend into the active pit crater and shoot video from the inside. Many difficulties were overcome in the process of getting to the volcano including mechanical failures, scorching heat, illness of some of the team members and the first rains in 2 years to hit the area. Stories and pictures now online here.

This now makes me the first person to have ever filmed from INSIDE a tornado, a hurricane and an active volcano !!

Kansas Tornado Outbreak!! - May 29, 2004

10 Tornadoes Touch Down in 3 Hours!!

Kansas Tornado Outbreak

Kansas Tornado Outbreak

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