Extreme Cold and How People Deal With It

Yukon Territory - Feb. 2008

I traveled to the Yukon Territory in northern Canada to experience the extreme cold that they get there and I was not disappointed. It got down to -44C at one point on the coldest morning that I was there. Along the way, I documented an ultra marathon, dog sledding, northern lights, some extreme sports and took a visit to the incredible city of Dawson where they still remember the gold rush. They also have some crazy drinks up there.

Each category will go to a new page with even more pictures... Enjoy the magic of the north in winter!!

The Cold:

Extreme Cold

Extreme Cold

Frigid temperatures of 40 below zero.

Turning boiling water into ice... Instantly!


The Yukon Arctic Ultra marathon:

Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon

Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon

3 races in total - 26 miles, or 100 miles or 320 miles. only for the most extreme runners.

The toughest foot race in the world. I though the race in Death Valley was hard... these guys were dropping out like flies due to frostbite.


Ice Fog:

Ice Fog

Ice Fog

It's so cold that moisture in the air turns to fog.

Some days, it was hard to see down the street.


Dog Sledding:

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

I got the chance to try my hand at dog sledding.

These dogs were born and bred to run and they love it.


Dawson City:

Dawson City

Sour Toe Cocktail

Old, historic Dawson City.

In Dawson they put things like dog testicles or human toes into their drinks!


Northern Lights:



A brilliant display of the Aurora Borealis.

Basking in the northern lights and 20 below zero.


Extreme Sports - Kite Skiing & Snowmobile Stunts:

Kite Skiing

Extreme Snowmibiling

Kite skiing.

Wild stunts on snow machines!