Christmas '22 "Bomb Cyclone"

Fort Erie, Ontario Dec 26th 2022
Most of North America was affected by the intense storm system that swept across much of the continent right around Christmas time. This "Bomb Cyclone" (a low pressure system that intensifies by at least 24 millibars in 24 hours) caused frigid temperatures, high winds, and some of the most intense lake-effect snow that places like Buffalo has ever seen. Thousands of flights were canceled, Christmas travel plans were disrupted for countless people, and Buffalo, NY was turned into a frozen disaster area with at least 39 fatalities.
On the Canadian side of the Great Lakes, we were walloped with lake effect snow too. Hardest hit was the Fort Erie area where a state of emergency was declared. While the worst of it hit in the days right before Christmas, I chose not to go down there an Christmas Eve since getting trapped there for Christmas was a very strong possibility. Most of the roads were closed or impassible. I waited until Boxing Day to check things out, and the snow was still coming down, but crews had been able to deal with some of it. The whole area was still a mess. Of note was the row of houses along Lake Erie that were completely covered in a layer of thick ice.




Car crash at the side of the road. One of countless abandoned vehicles I passed.

It would seem that speed was definitely a factor. Please slow down in bad weather.

Pickup truck half buried in snow on a side road east of Fort Erie.




The plow tried to make it through, but this was a far as they could get. The rest of this road is completely impassable.

Looking down this closed road... There is just no way to get down there at all.

Another car, trapped in the snow.




Car in the ditch & tree down. This was a common site due to the storm's heavy snow and intense winds.

Closed road at Crystal Beach on Lake Erie. I walked down here to find the houses to be completely covered in thick ice.

Abandoned car in the middle of the road.




I lost count of the abandoned vehicles I passed.

The yellow tape signifies that police and/or search & rescue teams had already been here to see if there was anyone trapped inside the car.

My location in Fort Erie as the lake effect snow continues.