Lake Effect Snow Squalls Snarl Traffic in Southern Ontario

Shelburne, ON Dec. 09, 2016

It was clear that today was going to be one of those days when the forecast conditions come together to create very dangerous lake effect snow squalls. One main squall formed off of Lake Huron, and was drifting south across southern Ontario when it stalled over the town of Shelburne. I joined a team from The Weather Network (Mark Robinson and James Stamos) and we did quite a few live reports from the middle of the squall. The warm summer and autumn had left the Great Lakes quite warm, and when the cold snaps came, the cold air picked up moisture from the lake and deposited it as snow. Lots of snow.

The snow squall eventually drifted into the greater Toronto area, causing traffic chaos that left some commuters stuck in traffic for hours.



We arrive on the scene in Shelburne, in the midst of the worst of the snow squall.

Hwy 10 is closed northbound. There were hundreds of car accidents across the province.



Poor visibility while driving on one of the few highways that was still open to traffic.

We were doing live reports for The Weather Network from the middle of the lake effect snow squalls.



This guy with the snowmobile had the right idea. He had no trouble getting around town.

One of many vehicles we saw that had gone off the road in the poor visibility and slick roads.