Mount Washington - "The Worst Weather in the World"

New Hampshire

Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the northeast U.S. Its summit rises up 6288 feet above the White Mountain National Forest and is notorious for its harsh weather conditions. The world's highest wind speed measurement was made here in 1934, an amazing 231 MPH !! The record low temperature here dipped down to -47 F and the average snowfall each year is 266 inches. Hurricane force winds are common here and 100 MPH winds are not uncommon in winter.

Black Bear

Fall Colours

View From The Top

Cog Train

A black bear hides up a tree. Her cub was also hiding nearby.

View from the mountain - The fall colours were at their peak.

A rare break in the cloud cover above the tree line.

The cog train makes its way through the clouds & fog.




Worst Weather

The summit observatory bristling with meteorological instruments.

6288 feet up at the summit peak. It is shrouded in clouds about 60 % of the time.

It was odd to look DOWN to watch the glider pilot. He flew so close to us, I could actually hear the glider swoosh past.

The mountain claims to be the home of the worst weather in the world.