Nuytco Research Submarine Workshop

North Vancouver, British Columbia - June. 26, 2009
I spent a day in Vancouver with Phil Nuytton, who is one of the world's leading underwater technologists. He' is also a submarine designer, ocean explorer, artist, magazine publisher and a host of other things... It was a real treat to visit his submarine workshop where he and his team design and construct deep sea submarines for scientific and industrial use. I even got to try on the mock-up for his latest invention, the Exosuit, which is a pressurized suit that allows a deep diver to swim down to 1000 feet and work there for hours at a time without needing to decompress.
In a few month's time, I am planning to meet up with Phil again, this time it will be in Curacao, for the launching of his newest, 5 man submarine which is currently being constructed.



Inside the Exosuit. This mock up version will be replaced by the real thing sometime next year. The first prototypes are under construction now.

Side view of the Exosuit. Believe it or not, this suit will have enough life support to last up to 48 hours under water.



The dual Deep Worker. There are one and two man versions of this sub which is rated to depths of 2000 feet.

A closer look at the hatch of the Dual Deep Worker.



The Deep Rover. This sub is used for many deep sea research applications and was featured in the James Cameron film The Abyss.

A closer look at the manipulator arms of the Deep Rover.



The Aquarius submarine. This sub can carry a pilot plus two passengers down to about a thousand feet.

The large acrylic dome allows for a great view out the front of the sub.