Hail Piled Over a Foot Deep

Follett, Texas - May 23, 2002

Video Captures of the giant hailstorm at Follett, Texas. May 23, 2002

This storm formed in the extreme northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle. It had a tornado warning on it and it did produce several spinups but the most impressive part was the hail. The storm was moving slowly, about 5 MPH, it then stalled and remained nearly stationary over the town of Follett and the hail just started to pile up.The weather radio had reports of "Giant hail to baseball sized and larger" associated with this storm. Once we got up next to the hail core we decided to turn south and get behind it. This way we could follow the storm safely as it crept east.

May 23 2002 01
The hail stones start to accumulate on the roads.

May 23 2002 02
It starts to look just like wintertime back home in Toronto.

May 23 2002 03
Part of the road started to flood from the melting hail.

May 23 2002 04
We came across some very astonished locals.

May 23 2002 05
One of the fields had just been planted that morning.

May 23 2002 06
This was the average size of the hail stones that fell in the area.

May 23 2002 07
Some of them were quite big and these had been sitting around melting for a 1/2 hour.

May 23 2002 08
The melting hail also created a few ponds in the middle of the road.

May 23 2002 09
Talking to more of the locals. We were the only chasers in the area.

May 23 2002 10
Here, the runoff had created a mini set of rapids.

May 23 2002 11
Many of the hailstones were being washed away.

May 23 2002 12
Most of the farmers had never seen anything like this before.

May 23 2002 13
Here's Brett taking a bite out of one of the hailstones. Not Recommended!

May 23 2002 14
Mark was having fun trying to break my windshield in a "hailball' fight.

May 23 2002 15
There were even huge hail drifts out in the fields.

May 23 2002 16
The air temperature dropped from about 85F to about 40F.

May 23 2002 17
Ron Gravelle braves the cold to get some footage.

May 23 2002 18
This was one of the larger stones (It had already been melting for a while)

May 23 2002 19
Ron shoots some video of me driving past him.

May 23 2002 20
The hail was actually scraping the bottom of Mark's car.

May 23 2002 21
This guy even needed a push to get un-stuck from the hail.