Blue Cave

Tanna Island, Vanuatu - Dec. 2006

The Blue Cave is a true natural wonder that's tucked away from view and hidden from most of the world. Lucky are the few that get to experience this awesome place.

A 2 hour trip on a fishing boat brought us to the cave entrance which is little more than a small opening at the sea edge along a rock face. You have to snorkel out at low tide to the entrance and dive down through the opening to get inside. When you surface on the other side, you're greeted by the most spectacular site. A huge cavern with a partially collapsed roof that allows a dazzling beam of sunlight to stream in and illuminate the turquoise lagoon. If this had been in America, there would've been hundreds of people here with children, a gift shop and a snack bar. Here in Vanuatu, we were able to enjoy this secret, secluded spot with nobody else around for miles.

Blue_Cave_01 Blue_Cave_02

Blue_Cave_03 Blue_Cave_04