Avalanche Control - Artillery Fire

Rogers Pass Through The Rocky Mountains - Feb, 2007

On location filming an episode of Angry Planet featuring avalanches and avalanche control.

Rogers Pass through the Rocky Mountains is one of the most avalanche prone ares in the world. Between the steep mountain slopes runs the Trans-Canada Highway, the main link through the Rockies. The duty of keeping this road safe falls on Parks Canada and the Canadian military. They work together to keep the highway safe with minimal closures for avalanche control.

The weapon of choice? The 105mm howitzer. With the highway closed off, it's time for the AVCON soldiers to pull out the big guns.
Avalanche_10 Avalanche_11

Bringing down an avalanche. The incredibly loud howitzer blasts excess snow down the mountain after a heavy snowfall overnight. They even let me fire it off.
Avalanche_12 Avalanche_13

Time to re-open the highway. It costs an incredible amount of money to keep this road closed so they try to keep closures to a minimum.
Avalanche_14 DSC_6441


I travelled up into the mountains with researchers from the University of Calgary to study the current snow pack. The only way up was by Snow-Cat
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