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Angry Planet Television Series

Featuring Explorer, Global Adventurer & Storm Chaser George Kourounis

We all love stories of Mother Nature at her wildest...That big storm that ripped off the neighbor's roof, the time your tropical vacation was cut short by a threatening hurricane or perhaps memories of snow piled up to the rooftops when you were a kid. Well get ready to be blown away... literally, as TV series Angry Planet chronicles the global adventures of world renowned storm chaser George Kourounis. Whether it's hunting down huge twisters in Oklahoma, climbing an active volcano in darkest Africa or just trying to stand up in the fiercest winds of a major hurricane, George is there with cameras rolling capturing the heart pounding action as he gets up close...sometimes too close... to the most powerful and dangerous forces on our Angry Planet.


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Season One:





George embarks on his annual pilgrimage to the "Tornado Alley" area of the central U.S. to guide groups of people who want to witness the brute force of tornadoes in action. Along the way he faces giant hailstones, dust storms and quirky American roadside attractions.




Desert Monsoon:
Enlisting the help of fellow storm chaser R.J. Evans, George heads to Arizona to photograph spectacular lightning storms triggered by the desert monsoon season. R.J. however is known as "America's noisiest atheist" for his free-thought radio show... It seems that the gods are intent on striking them down with thunderbolts from the heavens.

Kansas Lightning

Monument Valley


African Hellhole:
In this episode, George explores the deadly Nyiragongo volcano in the Congo jungle but the lava lake dwelling inside it's crater may be the least of his worries as he has to negotiate through armed conflict, a family of gorillas, severe weather and an 11,000 foot hike up the side of the volcano.

Nyiragongo Volcano - Congo

Mountain Gorilla


Fire & Water:
Following in the footsteps of the Klondike gold rush, George heads north to the Yukon Territory and Alaska, but it's not gold he's seeking. It's the intense summer wildfires that often plague the area during their 24 hours of daylight. He travels by train, bike, plane and white water raft to reach the fires but Mother Nature has other plans for him and doesn't make things easy.

Yukon Fires

Utah Fire


The Winds of Autumn:
Hurricanes are the largest storms on Earth and George has been through many of them. This year he starts off by getting prepared in a wind tunnel, then he and his chase partner Mark Robinson head to Newfoundland for more wild weather action. Then, it's off to another encounter where the wild wind fans a raging inferno.

Hurricane Storm Surge

Taking Wind Measurements


Wild Weather of 2005:
2005 seemed to be the year that Earth went wild. Follow George as he brings us back to the site of his hairiest adventures from that year. Whether it's descending into a volcano in the most remote corner of Ethiopia, almost driving into a tornado in Texas or facing down hurricane Katrina, George was right there at ground zero and lived to tell the tale.

Texas Tornado

Erta Ale Volcano
7 Volcanic Wedding: Most people's idea of a dream wedding might include a horse drawn carriage and an elaborate ceremony. Not George. Join him as he and his bride to be tie the knot in an unusual and certainly exotic way... On the crater's edge of an erupting volcano in the south Pacific. Forget about catching the bouquet, at this wedding it's all about dodging red hot lava bombs.

Yasur Volcano - Vanuatu

Yasur Ash Eruption
8 Wild Water: Water sustains life on Earth but it can also be one of the most destructive and dangerous elements. In this episode, George investigates the wild side of water in dangerous class 5 river rapids, a flooded cave, and even in the ocean surrounded by massive Great White Sharks.

Great White Sharks

Wild Water Cave
9 Blizzard: Winter weather can be even more dangerous than thunderstorms and where else to explore the big chill than at the summit of Mount Washington which has the reputation as being the place with the "Worst weather in the world". There, the winds and ice are on par with a polar expedition and to crank up the extreme factor, George also sees what it's like to combine a hurricane and an ice storm by being frozen completely solid by returning to his favorite wind tunnel, but things don't go smoothly.

Mount Washington Summit

Frozen Solid In Ice
10 Avalanche: Whenever there is unstable snow and gravity, gravity always wins. George travels to the Rocky Mountains to learn about how to stay alive in the back country. He also gets to team up with an avalanche control crew to fire explosives into the mountains to create controlled slides. He even tests the ability of an avalanche rescue dog by being buried in a snow cave.

Helicopter Bombing

Avalanche Rescue Dogs
11 Fin Del Mundo: Although he admits to not being much of a sailor, George climbs aboard a sailing vessel to explore the extreme southern tip of South America (Fin Del Mundo aka the "End of the World"). The waters here are famous for being some of the most treacherous in the world and the entire area is a graveyard of shipwrecks. It's also home to numerous receding glaciers along the edge of the Antarctic ozone hole where the effects of climate change are more & more noticeable...

Patagonia Glaciers

Cape Horn
12 Midwest Stormfest: It ain't worth a thing if it ain't got that spin. The whirling winds of Tornado Alley draw George back like a moth to a flame and this time it'll be his longest trip there yet. You never know what will happen in the world of big weather.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley
13 Across The Boiling Lake: Tucked away, hidden from view on the Caribbean island of Dominica lies a marvel of nature. A lake whose water literally boils and steams like a witch's cauldron. George wants to be the first person in history to rig a rope across the lake and explore it's waters from above...And make it back!!

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake


Season Two:





Island Caving:
George travels to the northern wilds of Vancouver Island to find out where the rain goes, by exploring the deep, wet caves that pepper the area. Accompanied by a group of hardcore cavers from Alberta and British Columbia, he descends into four different caves that lead deep into the earth. One requires a 40 meter rappel to enter. Another they enter through a waterfall. On a third, the team carries inflatable kayaks into the cave so they can explore the dark river running deep under the ground.

Caving Expedition - Vancouver Island

Rat's Nest Cave


Linking up with legendary stormchaser Jim Leonard, George tracks Hurricane Dean as it makes it’s way across the Caribbean – eventually building to Category 5 strength. The pair fly to Jamaica to intercept the storm, and get right into the action as witness its power as it pounds the shoreline of the island. George then travels to Nova Scotia to experience the even bigger turmoil of Hurricane Noel as it sends huge waves into the iconic Maritime village of Peggy’s Cove.

Dean - Jamaica

Noel - Nova Scotia


Waterspouts are the nautical cousins of tornadoes – spinning whirlwinds of water vapour that menace mariners and exposed shorelines. George uses a motorboat, a van and small plane to try to get up close to these freak winds in the Florida Keys – home to more waterspouts than anywhere else in the world. While exploring the southern tip of Florida, he gets a chance to meet some of the 25 million alligators that live in the Sunshine State.

Waterspouts, Florida Keys

Alligators - Florida Everglades


Hawaii-Surf & Snow:
George explores the wild side of Hawaii – diving with Galapagos sharks, ascending to the snow covered blizzard conditions at the top of Mauna Kea, descending to 85 feet under the water to have his teeth cleaned by Peppermint Cleaner Shrimp, witnessing Banzai Pipeline – the biggest, toughest surfing beach in the world – and getting his boots lit on fire by Kilauea, one of the world’s most active and spectacular volcanoes.

Kilauea - Hawaii

Mauna Kea Volcano - Hawaii - Snow at 13,700 Feet


Thunder Down Under:
When summer starts to heat up, the thunderstorms and winds start to blow across the Great Plains of North America. In early December, the same thing happens across the dry dusty Outback of Australia. George heads down under to link up with Aussie stormchaser Jimmy Deguara, and the pair head out “back a buggary” as the Aussies say, to witness the storms. While in Oz, he dives with some of the creatures of the Great Barrier Reef, and when the opportunity arises to see how painful the sting of the venomous Box Jellyfish is – well, he has to have a go, doesn’t he?

Australian Lightning

Thunder Down Under - Storm Chasing in Australia


Hottest & Coldest:
North America’s hottest temperature ever? 134 degrees F – Death Valley, California. The coldest – Snag, Yukon - -81 degrees F. “Angry Planet” visits both – Death Valley in the hottest week of the summer, Yukon during a long cold snap in mid-February. In both extremes, George meets ultramarathon runners, testing themselves against the searing heat of Death Valley and the bone-chilling cold of the Yukon. He tries his hand at running through the desert, and dog-sledding though the northern snow. He also meets some of the wild characters of the north, like Caveman Bill, who has now lived in a cave outside Dawson through 12 long cold Yukon winters.

Death Valley - California

Extreme Cold (-44C) - Yukon Territory
7 Italia Wild: Italy is the only country in Europe that is threatened by four kinds of natural disasters: volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes, and floods. George tours through the Dolomite mountains, seeing the avalanches that crash down into alpine villages, and meeting Italians with new ways of dealing with these winter dangers. He then heads for Venice, where rising water levels are flooding this unique Renaissance city. He meets the engineers who are involved in building giant floodgates to protect and preserve the city. He then heads south to explore Italy’s three explosive volcanoes: Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli.

Stromboli - Italy

Avalanche Control in the Dolomites - Italian Alps
8 Western Winter Weather: Changing weather patterns mean that the weather is getting wilder on Canada’s rugged west coast. George tries his hand at ice-climbing up a 70 meter frozen waterfall. He then straps on ski-skins to climb high up Mt.Garibaldi to experience the real Canadian winter high on an alpine lake. Finally, he visits a stormwatching lodge on British Columbia’s Long Beach, home of hardcore winter surfing and massive Pacific storms.

Back Country Skiing - Coastal Mountains, B.C.

Pacific Storm Watching - Tofino, B.C.
9 Iceland – Fire and Ice: Iceland’s extraordinary geothermal features and massive glaciers make it not only a playground for extreme adventurers, but also a nation that has harnessed its geothermal energy like no other has. George meets the President of Iceland, Olafur Grimmsson, who has spearheaded the use of geothermal power in the country, and visits geothermal sites such as the Blue Lagoon and the country’s famous geysers. He then explores the largest glacier in Europe, the volcanically active inland of Haimaey, and the Vatnajokull Lagoon, where he climbs one of the huge icebergs calving off the glaciers.

Strokkur Geyser Erupting - Iceland

Iceberg Climbing - Iceland
10 Timbuktu – Birthplace of Hurricanes: Timbuktu, one of the most exotic destinations in the world for adventure travel, is deep in the heart of the southern Sahara Desert. George travels overland to explore the hot dry area that spawns the dust storms that can spin off from Africa into the Atlantic and morph into the tropical hurricanes that can cross the ocean to threaten the Caribbean and USA. While searching for Timbuktu’s dust storms, he also finds adventure in the unique landscape and culture of West Africa.

Mali, Africa - Dry Season Journey to Timbuktu & the Sahara Desert

Sand Dunes
11 India Monsoon: Nowhere on earth gets such an long period of intense rainfall as India in the summer monsoon season. George crisscrosses the massive country to experience the massive deluge and flooding. He wades through waist-deep water in Bombay and leach-filled waterfalls in Goa, finds people being swept away by swollen rivers and rebuilding broken bridges, and experiences the massive crush of intense annual Hindu celebration of this unique season .

India Monsoon Flooding

India Wildlife
12 Java – Land of Fire: Lying right on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Indonesian island of Java is home to many of the world’s most active volcanoes. George takes a small boat to see the impressive new ash eruptions from Anak Krakatau, home of the massive 1883 eruption that reverberated around the world. He then travels to Merapi, still warm from the eruption of 2006, and then descends into the hellish Kawah Ijen sulphur mine to explore the world’s largest lake of sulphuric acid by rubber boat.

Anak Krakatau - Indonesia

Kawah Ijen - Boating on Sulfuric Acid - East Java
13 Indonesia: The islands of Indonesia have some of the most extraordinary extreme natural phenomena on earth. George first visits the island of Komodo to see the massive and dinosaur-like Komodo Dragons – the largest lizards on earth. He then explores the steaming sulphur vents of Papandayam, visits the villagers who have seen their town swept away by the Sidoarjo Mudflow, then tackles his biggest and toughest climb to date – the very active Semeru Volcano.

Komodo Dragons

Semeru - Indonesia


Season Three:





Highway to Hail:
Kourounis and his storm chase team head straight into the "bears' cage", looking to get beat up by the biggest, baddest hailstones that Texas and Oklahoma can throw at them. They find them - and their storm chasing vehicles don't look too pretty after coming through these massive storms.

Highway to Hail - June 2009



Elephant Cave:
Possibly the home of the deadly Marburg virus, Kitum Cave is high on Mount Elgon straddling the Kenya-Uganda border. The deep, waterfall-shrouded cave has been carved out over millennia by elephants in search of salt. When Kourounis gets bitten by one of the thousands of bats living in the cave... well, you'll have to see the show to find out what happens.

Marburg Hemmorhagic Fever - Kitum Cave, Kenya



Arctic Winter:
Kourounis links up with experienced polar adventurers to explore the frigid Canadian arctic in the depths of winter. Camping under the Northern Lights in -45 degree temperatures, the team first uses skis to cross the fractured sea ice of Frobisher Bay, then dog teams to head north through the spectacular Auyuittuq Mountains.

Polar Expedition Survival Training - Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic



Hurricane Triple Threat:
Early September of 2008 saw radical imagery on the hurricane maps of the Atlantic - four named tropical storms, swirling in a train across the ocean. "Angry Planet" was there as three of them made landfall as hurricanes in the US, filming Gustav in Louisiana, Hanna in North Carolina, then flying with the USAF Hurricane Hunters into Ike over Cuba, and meeting it again as it made a wild destructive landfall in Galveston, Texas.

Ike - Galveston, Texas

Ike - Hurricane Hunter Flight


Crystal Cave:
In 2000, a remarkable find was made in Chihuahua, Mexico, of a spectacular cave filled with giant crystals, some over 12 meters long. But it is a intensely difficult spot to explore - with temperatures over 50 degrees C and humidity approaching 100%. Kourounis leads an Explorers Club Flag Expedition into the cave, wearing special refrigerated suits and respirators to battle the extreme environment.

Naica Crystal Cave



Defying Gravity:
We break the bounds of Earth, looking up in the sky and high into space, and examine the difficulties of exploring this most challenging environment. Kourounis experiences extremes of aviation and space training-aboard a Czech-built Albatross fighter jet, on a tiny hang glider, inside the Zero-G plane, simulating zero gravity by diving from 30,000 feet in giant parabolas, and in stomach-churning spinning centrifuges producing 6 G's of force.

Zero Gravity Weightlesness Flight

 High G Force Flight in an L-39 Fighter Jet
7 Eco-Disasters: No-one creates eco-disasters on quite the scale of the former Soviet Union. In Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea, once one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, has seen its waters diverted, so that it has shrunk to 1/6 its previous size. In Crimea, a mountain has been carved into a James Bond-ish submarine base and in northern Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear site has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland.

Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor

Aral Sea - Uzbekistan
8 Venezuela Lightning: Methane gas rising from the huge Catatumbo swamps of Venezuela mixing with cold air from the Andes creates an almost perpetual lightning storm over South America's largest lake. Kourounis explores this unique phenomenon, takes an 84 km ride in a dugout canoe to visit the world's highest waterfall, swims with piranhas and pulls a 5 meter long Anaconda from the jungle.

Catatumbo Everlasting Lightning Storm - Venezuela

Wrangling a 5 Meter Anacona - Venezuela
9 Antarctica: Kourounis returns to the "Fin Del Mundo" at the southern tip of Argentina, this time to sail on a Russian icebreaker to Antarctica. After braving the stormy Drake Passage, he explores volcanic Deception Island, camps out in the Antarctic snow, and paddles a kayak through icebergs calved off the melting glaciers.

Antarctica - Icebergs & Glaciers

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica
10 Polynesian Volcanoes: Filming the volcanoes, mud pools and geysers in the geothermal wonderland of New Zealand's north island, Kourounis learns that a new island is being created by an undersea volcano 1000 miles north in Tonga. Determined to be among the first to see this "newest land on earth", he heads for the remote island by plane and boat. After various nautical mishaps, Kourounis ends up on the island, bedraggled and clad in nothing but underwear and a life jacket, honored to be one of the very first to explore this brand new, still steaming land.

Setting Foot On Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Island - Tonga

White Island Volcano - New Zealand
11 Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a tiny country jammed with diversity and adventure. Kourounis explores the volcanoes of Costa Rica with an international team of scientists, rafts down white water rivers in full flood, rappels down raging waterfalls, and handles some of deadliest snakes this tropical country has to offer.

Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wildlife - Birds, Spiders & Venomous Snakes
12 Under Pressure: After exploring the undersea world on a submarine in Grand Cayman Island, Kourounis becomes one of the first civilians to be taken to deep pressure inside the Canadian Armed Forces' experimental diving unit, then heads west to meet up with undersea explorers Chris Harvey-Clark and Phil Nyutten.

Inside The Deep Sea Dive Chamber - DRDC, Toronto

Diving down inside the Atlantis Submarine - Grand Cayman Island
13 The Empty Quarter: One of the last areas on earth to be explored, the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert is a vast windswept area of trackless sand dunes. Carved out of a tiny corner of this desert, Dubai is a glitzy, ultra-modern playground - one of the world's most extreme and audacious cities. Kourounis heads out from Abu Dhabi on a 4WD safari to see both sides of this corner of Arabia.

The Empty Quarter Desert - Arabian Peninsula




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