Original Canadian extreme adventure series ANGRY PLANET airs seven new episodes on OLN, starting Wednesday, November 28 at 9:30 pm

November 12, 2007 (Toronto): Wild weather…it's everywhere. And ANGRY PLANET is chasing it all over the world and bringing it to viewers weekly on OLN. Seven new episodes of the extreme adventure series from Peter Rowe Productions begin airing Wednesday, November 28, 2007 on Outdoor Life Network at 9:30 pm ET/CT, 10:30 PM MT/PT. The first 6 episodes of the series have been airing on OLN continually since their debut in March.

This November, ANGRY PLANET begins airing Episodes 7 through 13. OLN viewers will see the unique wedding of stormchaser and series host George Kourounis, who tied the knot on the lip of an exploding South Pacific volcano. They can also see Kourounis become the first person ever to cross Dominica's Boiling Lake. He also swims with great white sharks, climbs Mt. Washington to experience "the world's worst weather," sets off avalanches with a 105mm howitzer, and sails around Cape Horn to experience the untamed weather of the Southern Ocean. Viewers can see more at www.angryplanet.tv

This fall and winter the show also begins broadcasting on Canal Evasion (Quebec), Travel Channel UK, Weather Channel Australia, TV8 in Sweden and MTV3 in Finland.

OLN will premiere the new episodes as follows. The first two shows will be run back to back as the keystone of OLN's "Wicked Weather Week".

Wild Water - Nov 28
Three explorations into the wild water that makes up over 70% of our angry planet. First, George travels to Guadaloupe Island off the coast of Mexico to dive with 16-foot great white sharks. He then retraces, by kayak, the explorations of Tom Woodward into a flooded Northern Ontario cave in the middle of winter, then jet boats into the world's biggest Class V white water rapids in the Niagara River.

Blizzard-Nov 28
Mount Washington, New Hampshire holds the dubious honour of being home to the world's worst weather. The highest wind speed ever recorded at the Earth's surface - 231 miles per hour - was noted at its mountaintop observatory. To prepare for a mid-winter assault on the summit, Angry Planet host George Kourounis becomes a "human popsicle," encased in ice at the National Research Council's high-speed wind tunnel. Then he and sidekick Mark Robinson climb to the top of the mountain in mid-January and brave their way into a summit blizzard.

Avalanche - Dec 5
Avalanche danger is very high in the Rogers Pass area of the Trans-Canada Highway in British Columbia. Angry Planet host George Kourounis travels with a variety of experts to bring down huge avalanches in the Rocky Mountains. Ski patrollers throw hand charges to clear the slopes, the British Columbia Department of Highways uses helicopter bombing and mountaintop mortars to keep the roads safe, and the Canadian Armed Forces fire 105mm howitzers at the mountains to bring down the dangerous snow before it hurtles to the highway. Still, there are accidents and fatalities in the mountains. We meet Francois Desrosiers, an avalanche burial victim who tells a terrible and tragic tale of a mountain disaster.

Volcanic Wedding - Dec 12
Host George Kourounis has braved many terrifying phenomena, but none as frightening as the one he takes on in this episode - marriage! To make sure his bride is on the same adventurous page, he proposes they hold the ceremony on the lip of an exploding volcano, on the South Pacific island of Tanna, in Vanuatu. Before the native preacher, dressed in grass skirt and custom garb, gets to perform the smoky vows, George descends deep into the erupting volcano to bring out red-hot samples of the lava it is producing.

Fin del Mundo - Dec 19
Some of the fiercest weather on the planet can be experienced at the southern tip of Argentina and Chile - the area South Americans call "Fin del Mundo," the end of the world. Host George Kourounis travels to Ushuaia, Argentina, sails south on the expedition sailboat "Northanger" to round the infamous Cape Horn, then climbs the spectacular but rapidly melting glaciers along the Beagle Channel.

Midwest Stormfest - Jan 2
George Kourounis returns to "Tornado Alley" with three of his fellow stormchasers to see what the 2007 Storm Season will bring. He gets a birthday gift of a large Kansas tornado, then heads to Missouri to witness a string of violent thunderstorms. Heading west, the team is in place for a huge storm sweeping through the Badlands of South Dakota.

Boiling Lake - Jan 9
Dominica, the most volcanic and mountainous island in the Caribbean, is home to the Boiling Lake, a large waterfall-fed lake of furiously boiling water. Adventurer George Kourounis becomes the first person ever to traverse across the superheated lake on a rope, risking his life on a place no human has ever been. He then dives to the ocean floor off the coast of the island to explore vents where the volcanic gases bubble into the ocean.

The shows are repeated on Saturday nights at 7:30, and in various daytime slots.

ANGRY PLANET is produced and directed by Peter Rowe. Executive Producer for Outdoor Life Network is Patrice Baillargeon.

The ANGRY PLANET production team is currently filming Season 2 of the series, which will begin airing in March, 2008.